• To the top of freestyle football. YO, ibuki and Kazane talk about their individuality.
    Air Technician's YO, ibuki, and Kazane participate in SuperBall, the world's highest freestyle football battle that will be held from August 22nd. Although they are close to each other in age and have a relationship of accepting each other, they seem to have different approaches to the competition. In the second installment, we will talk about how you have been facing and working on freestyle football for this year's SuperBall, and the difference with the world you feel.
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  • Air Technicianの若き3人のフリースタイラー。世界に挑む彼らのチーム結成秘話。
    毎年チェコで開催されるフリースタイルフットボールの世界一を決める大会「SuperBall」。 今年も8月22日から熱戦が繰り広げられることになっている。 2011年に発足したフリースタイルフットボールチーム・Air TechnicianからはYO,ibuki、Kazane、(写真左から)がバトル部門の世界最高峰の戦いに挑む。 出身地もフリースタイルフットボールとの出会い方もバラバラな3人の若き日本人フリースタイラーにチーム結成の背景、それぞれプレースタイルの印象、そして世界大会に挑むにあたっての意気込みを聞いた。
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  • "Do not be nervous!" Is NG. Mental training to demonstrate power in games practiced by Sun Rockers Shibuya and Yunari Sugiura who experienced the world
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Kingge birth birthday talk 【Kaneko Teruhito × Totsuka Kei】

Dialogue by KING GEAR Founder · Kaneko Tatsujin and Totsuka Hiroshi. Both are from the editorial department of the football journal "Football Digest". The topic ranged from the background of the media creation to the back story of the football industry.



Spike Wars! Professional soccer players and blind soccer players will compare shoes from one end beyond the manufacturer's borders and deliver it with ratings and judges.


Soliloquy of Founder K

We will deliver the King gear founder K's column. Extra edition "I am going to be a big striker from body fat 29.9% / Ike! Will be delivered from time to time.


Spike Concerto

Collect spiking data of all the players in the Champions League, Japan national battle, compile it, and deliver the column from various angles.

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Spike data worn by rugby players

We investigated the spikes of all 55 teams that appeared in the National High School Rugby Games and identified the spikes of the main starters of each team. We classified all 825 legs finely and ranked.


Wholesale of long distance runners · New Fujiwara

10キロ走って一番疲れないサッカースパイクはどのメーカーの、なんというモデルか。 ロンドン五輪マラソンランナー藤原新がサッカースパイクを手に取り、本気で走ってジャッジします。

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We will deliver "KING GEAR FC" practice scene, tournament participation information, and other activity reports!

Manufacturer assault interview

King Gear Editorial Board got into the sports maker headquarters, thoroughly interviewed the current situation, future prospects, and unknown backstory!

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The wording of the back which supports the top athlete

We will deliver gears and episodes of athletes who can know, speak only on the back side.

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I will introduce widely to popular brands and standard models as well as the topics of the shoes I want right now (soccer spike, running, bash, trekking, walking).


Artists featured in gear in the sports industry!

Despite other industries, we will deliver special features focusing on artists and celebrities who are contributing to the sports industry from various angles.


National high school soccer championship spike data!

What kind of spikes are wearing athletes who participated in the high school football championship? Check the feet of all team players and create their own rankings. Publish treasured data that can only be seen in King Gear, such as by manufacturer share, spike price, etc. at once.


Chihiro Honda's "From Training Center"

What kind of music will Bundesliga's stars raise their feelings, what kind of cars are caring for traveling time, and what kind of spikes are they fighting? We will inform you of the direct report from the training center.

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Catherine's "My First Spike"

What is the spike you wore for the first time? Interview with foreign players who play in Japan interview to hear about spike orchestra, differences between Japan and overseas. That is "My First Spike".


Legend match report

As the former representative who contributed to the football world retired from active service, what kind of spikes are you wearing? In order to obtain the answer, we will deliver various legend match.


GK glove navi

Which glove is easiest to use? In order to solve the question that anyone has in GK, the King Gear editorial group collected every glove. As a result of having each manufacturer's glove set, it will be a surprise ending.


Event report!

We will report extensive coverage of sports, entertainment etc. from the unique perspective of Kinggear Editorial Department.

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Gear to which the shop that sells the most spike in Japan "Futaba SOCCER WORLD" talks

Japan's largest! The world's largest? Boasting a sales floor area, the call of "shops that sell the most spike in Japan" is high, Futaba SOCCER WORLD. What kind of spike is evaluated by the charismatic clerk of a shop where many people go to buy from children to adults?


PICK UP GEAR ~ Apparel, Accessories Edition ~

We will introduce widely to the best apparel, accessories, popular brand classic models to improve performance.

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Athlete · Inside Story


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Conditioning Laboratory

Training, protein, supplement, sleep etc. KING GEAR editorial department will introduce the way of making condition and importance by coverage from experts of various fields.


Tell the J3 Leaguer! Request! PGM (Professional Gear Monitor)

J3 Leaguar is launching a gear related to soccer such as spikes from information to videos on your own New King Gear project!

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Sports x Lifestyle

We will feature specialists working on lifestyle in sports that are working on lifestyle sports.

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Second carrier talk session

Even a player who gives dreams to children, the day will come when you will retreat from the front line. About the "second career" who will walk from there, I will approach the former athlete who is active in the new way, how to live a famous person.

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Running Bible

I will introduce the patterns of "running interviews of gears, clinics, runners, artists" presented to all runners who love running.

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Climbing laboratory

We will introduce the climbing event, climbing gear centering around Bouldering.

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Trend spot

We will introduce topics such as training places, restaurants, playgrounds, etc. that are attracting attention and innovation.


Professor Youth and spiked talk session with the future Japanese players

Takato Ando, ​​who is called "Youth Professor", bought abundant knowledge of the Year's age, interviewed direct attention to the spikes of future Japanese players.


Kazuyoshi Shimizu Legend Photo Stadium


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We will deliver a hot feeling for sports focusing on businesses and businesses that are sponsoring sports on the theme "not only players are the main characters of sports".

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European football traveler on the way - European football seen at the back of the match ~

KING GEAR editorial department will deliver raw voices that can only be obtained locally, such as stadiums, cheer songs, hidden history, thoughts, from the supporters who love the team, with interviews from the local region of Europe.

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Female athlete revolution

Japanese female athlete who strives hard training every day under a solid determination. Spin from the encounter with the competition, spin a story that has reached through a setback point and many turning points.

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The historical spike that the hero loved

Looking at the model that Diego Maradona and a rugged genius football player wore in active days, a glimpse of delicate insistence will be visible. I tried to actually verify the spike loved by the genius as much as possible.

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Message to tell in sports business

Through the sports business beyond the framework of corporate sponsorship, we will introduce messages and feelings that we would like to convey.

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ROAD TO TOKYO 2020 Athlete and artist special talk!