NIKE grew to be the world's top sports company with athletes in just over 30 years. Just Do It. This slogan expresses its challenging spirit.

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Social phenomenon called Nike
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The air system brings about a dramatic development to Nike. In 1985, the first "Air Jordan (I)" appeared in a red-black color motif of the Chicago Bulls uniform. The "Jordan" series which started as Michael Jordan's signature model which was a superstar of Bulls (NBA) gathered enthusiastic support as a fashion item from around 1989 when "IV" was released, and in the United States, Air Jordan The existence itself became a social phenomenon, such as an accident robbery occurred. After 30 years from the establishment of the brand Nike had repaired the sports shoe's power picture by an unprecedented "Nike bubble".

The evolving Nike football

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After that, "another Ronaldo" of the Portuguese representative was appointed as an icon. In 14 years he announced the "Mercurial Super Fly" which sang the fastest in Nike history. Super fly that arrived at trial and error over 4 years, such as securing a sense of stability by tightening the fiber called "Brio cable" throughout the upper, is a gear that makes Nike's identity developed by technical innovation feel It has become.
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In 14 years when super fly was released, Nike's Fly knit technology was introduced for the first time, and spike "Masuma" was also announced. This assumes use of game makers, focus is placed on improvement of fit, ball touch, kicking out. Nike in recent years has been challenging ambitiously to a new field of football spikes.