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Gold Daren

Creator of KING GEAR. He is a Japanese sportswriter and nonfiction writer. In addition to working as a non-fiction writer, she also appeared in numerous media such as radio personality and commentary on soccer. From 2006 to 2010 Japan Car of the Year selection committee. The masterpiece "Half Time of 28 Years", "Best Battle of Battle Battle" is the best seller.

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Hiroshi Totsuka

Free since October 1998. He writes regularly in "Number" and serializes "Remembering interview notes" in "J League Soccer King". He wrote columns for Sponichi World Soccer Plus, Soccer Journal, and more. The international team of Japan's national team is covering 210 games in a row from March 2000 to February 2013 (except for the November 11 game against North Korea which had coverage restrictions). He also commented on soccer broadcasts on TV Saitama and J-SPORTS.

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Koike Kikuchi

Towards a professional soccer player challenging 12 countries using summer holidays such as student days and office workers. Fulfilling a professional contract in Bolivia in the 13th country who challenged company for a year off. We negotiate with the local team by jumping and be good at the style of dojo dismemberment which receives tests.

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Tomoyuki Suzuki

Sportswriter. Interviewing domestic and overseas with the theme of improving technologies, tactics, physical mental, focusing on nurturing age. Three books. Football edge presiding.

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Mimura Yusuke

A sports writer born in 1982. Since January 2009, he has traveled to Germany, living in Frankfurt and Dortmund, and covering European football. To move the base to Japan at the end of September 2016. Co-authored with Atsushi Uchida, "Simply silent."


Ippei Ippei

After working for J-League, domestic and foreign-owned sports maker, he was Editor-in-Chief of King Gear, Toyo Keizai Online, Number Web, AERA, VIVI, forbes Japan, Alpen Group Magazine (Running, Soccer, Baseball), Roppongi Mirai Conference, LAWSON DO SPORTS. Planning and creating sports, entertainment and creator content. Well-versed in the sports and music industries, his sister and his wife are classical musicians active in the world. Experienced releasing albums as an artist on an indie album.

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Honda Chihiro

Writer. Kaneko Juku graduate. Lives and works in Dusseldorf, Northwest Germany. Three years after being hired by Pep Bayern, he finally got coverage of the Bundesliga centering mainly on Japanese players. Currently, it is serializing "From Training Center" with the theme of "car × music × spike".

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Shotaro Yamasaki

Retired from a major company just because he wanted to leave scratches in the sports industry, the current core business is sports IT engineer. A self-styled sportswriter who also works in the media beside it.

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Yasuyuki Segawa

「Beyond Sports」をテーマに、スポーツ・健康など幅広い分野で活動する社会派スポーツライター。ライブエンターテイメント業界で数多のプロジェクトに携わった経験を活かし、東洋経済・ITMedia・OCEANS・スポルティーバ・note等で執筆中。HEROs公式スポーツライター。ファルカオフットボールクラブ・アドバイザー。公式サイト

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Mr. Nishimura

Writer / photographer. I am in charge of interpreter and translation (English). Strengths in digital marketing, sports business, social media operation, PR, content marketing.

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Sportswriter. Hosei Government - Hosei University belongs to the rugby club. U19 university will be elected as Uk Rugby Japan representative candidate. Currently contribute articles / columns to "Rugby Republic", "Jay Sports", "Number web", etc. 2015 Rugby World Cup Japan coverage of all four games in the field.

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Yuichi Nishihara

2013年10月にブログ「nishi19 breaking news」を開設し、川崎フロンターレ、名古屋グランパス、サッカー日本代表の試合分析記事を執筆。2016年からは、スポーツxテクノロジーの可能性を追求する、日本スポーツアナリスト協会の広報活動をサポートしている。

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Takuto Ando

大学1年から高校年代を中心にライター活動を始め、今年で22年目を迎えるサッカージャーナリスト。大学卒業後、一度は銀行員となり、5年半の間、2足のわらじを履いていた。2005年に完全フリーとなり、ユース年代の豊富な知識を買われ、『ユース教授』と称されている。 現在『NumberWeb』で『ユース教授のサッカージャーナル』を連載。2013年~2014年には人気ナンバーワンの雑誌『週刊少年ジャンプ』にて、『蹴ジャン(しゅうじゃん)!』を1年間連載。本も5冊を出版。代表作は2012年に出した『走り続ける才能達 彼らと僕のサッカー人生』(実業之日本社)。

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Principal Sato

Freelance writer born in Miyagi Prefecture in 1991. After graduating from high school, moved to Tokyo and worked as an employee at the Nikkei Shimbun for 4 years, before enrolling in a media vocational school as a sports writer. Experienced writing, editing and interviewing in various media in classes and internships and became independent at the age of 24. He is currently writing in many fields, such as sports, business, and lifestyle. Although there are many immature parts, I am working hard every day to become a writer who can give something to people through articles.

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Sen big tree

Free writer. Born in 1991. Tokyo Metropolitan High School, Nihon University degree. Baseball, from kendo origin. Besides being involved with the sports industry since he was in college, he lives an active student life such as hit hike around Japan. He joined Link Sports Co., Ltd. from 2014, served as Editor in Sports Web Media · AZrena, covering a wide range of competitions. For more than a dozen games a year for private stadiums, we will cheer for the outfield and the back of the goal. A girls baseball game of recent interest.


Junichi Swan

エンタメ関係のイベントプロデューサーなどを経て、ライターとしての活動を開始。実績としては、スポルティーバ・週刊プレイボーイ・東洋経済オンライン・AERAdot・THE ANSWERなど。たまに宅地建物取引士・行政書士、海外でも活動。

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Hidemi Sakuma

I want to deliver the splendor of sports. Enjoy sports, joy, and excitement through sports ︎ Covered alone by world champions, Olympic medalists, top athletes, and celebrities. Tie-up articles and photos are published on many sports media, economic media, official websites, and publishers. Writer of “World's No.1 Mental (Co-author: Yutaka Shiraishi / Yoshihide Muroya, Red Bull Air Race)”. Also engaged in sports business. J League Urawa Reds Youth 1st term. Ranked 3rd in soccer. Adidas soccer commercial with Shunsuke Nakamura and Del Piero. Walk around Lake Biwa for 1 lap (3 days). Bicycle 670km (2 days). Fatigue fractures and runner knees are leaving the sport.

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Takafumi Kunitomi

Local resident reporter in Madrid. While playing for himself, he regularly travels to England, Spain and Germany, and has been watching European football for about 15 years. We will transmit information on European football, with a focus on Madrid.

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Yumiko Tamaru

Photographer. University instructor. Representative of Japan Branch of the Liverpool Supporter 's Club. Activities started as a writer since 2017. Translation industry as well. While visiting Europe a couple of times per year, he continues to take pictures of the streets of Europe and football stadiums in England while watching the field mainly in Liverpool games. I also took a photo of the Chelsea fans' bride and groom wedding photo at the Stamford Bridge, home of Chelsea. Through exchanges with local fans, it is my greatest pleasure to touch European football culture.

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Hiroaki Konishi


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Yoshitaka Imoto

コンテンツ編集者。1987年兵庫県生まれ愛知県育ち。2014年にサッカーのフリーペーパー制作に携わりライターを志す。フリーでのライター活動を経て、スポーツ系出版社でサッカーサイトのWeb編集、インターネットテレビ局でソーシャル編集などの仕事に従事。趣味は音楽、お笑い鑑賞 Twitter:@imoyoshi78

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東京都在住のスポーツ/ビジネスライター。ビジネス媒体での執筆からライターとしてのキャリアをスタートさせたが良い縁に恵まれ、スポーツの分野でも執筆活動を行う。 ライター業と並行しながら写真撮影、ムービー撮影、WEBサイトディレクション、イベントプロデュースも行う。ライフワークは神宮球場でのプロ野球観戦。

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澤 良憲


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木村 卓二

TVディレクターとして各種競技の中継に携わり、記者として執筆活動に勤しむ。複数言語に通じ、ラグビーW杯、FIFA W杯、アジア競技大会など国際大会の放送リエゾンを歴任。他、格闘家などへのフィジカルトレーニング指導も行うなど、幅広くスポーツに関わる。

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Takahiro Shinozaki

Born in Tochigi prefecture, graduated from Meiji University Faculty of Agriculture. TV writer. Acquired JBC referee license. Martial arts history 15 years. In charge of TV and radio program composition. Also involved in martial arts programs such as "Yamamoto KID Tokufu HEART HIT RADIO" and "FIGHTING RADIO RIZIN !!". Written mainly in sports, martial arts, and working on YouTube videos.

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埼玉県生まれ。幼い頃からの野球好き。NPBはヤクルト、BCLは埼玉、神奈川、富山を中心に観戦。社会人、大学野球、高校野球にも興味を広げる野球応援人。2017年より野球コラムを書き始めました。野球と旅と書くことがライフワークです。 URL: URL: