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Ken's Yasuhiro (Sint Troyden) Interview "Vol.4 What is the difference between the Belgian League and the J League?"

Kenyasu Kyasuyasu who made his Japan representative debut in the Panama national team match on October 12. We will deliver the fourth episode of a story told carefully in Belgium. In this talk, we talked about the story of fighting with Nagoya Grampus while having a fatigue fracture in the playoff of last December, the story of the Belgian league, and the favorite spike.

Icon 16466945 810048175800857 1247399717 nKoike Kikuchi | 2018/10/19
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―― In World Youth, you lost to Venezuela in the first round of the final tournament, did you feel that there is something that you want to go abroad?

DianeI agree. After U-18 Japan, I played against England and lost 1 to 5 and the difference was so shocking. I came to be conscious of the foreign country from there.

-So that's why we're here. You held Shimovich in the match against Nagoya Grampus in the playoffs of December last year, but were you injured?

DianeI had a fatigue fracture. As a result, though. I didn't think it was broken, and it took me three months. I didn't think it would last so long.

--- I came to Belgium but I was injured, so I was in a situation where I could not get mixed up with the practice, right?

DianeIt did not mix for about two months. At first, it was the image that you would come here and rehabilitate for about a week and join you. It took me two months from there.

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--- Is it about the beginning of March this year that you became fully mixed in with practice?

DianeI think that's probably the case.

--- Where did you feel the difference between the Belgian League and the J League?

DianeAfter all, there is a feeling that kicking is firm. It is a simple thing to stop and kick the ball that came properly even when the ground is not so good, but Belgium is high in technology. 

--- How is the severity?

DianeIt is not enough to have imagined.

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―― You may be used to the severity through international games. Is there any other big difference?

DianeIt's not as compact as soccer in Japan, so it would be difficult if everyone had solid technology.

--- It is important that you have more individual strength and one-on-one strength. It is a story of the essential spike, but did you wear a fixed spike during J League?

DianeNo, when I was in the J-League game, I was wearing spikes of Mix sole. No matter how hard it was, I used to wear a mix of natural grass. It may be positional.

--- The defender is over when it slips to the ground. Was the J-League practice stationary?

DianeAt the time of practice, I basically wore a fixed type.

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--- Is it a complete mix since you came here (Belgium)?

DianeIt is a mix from practice. However, when practicing with artificial grass, it is fixed.

―― When I talked to the offensive players who are playing in Europe, they said that it was uncomfortable in the beginning to wear the mix because it was fixed in Japan.

DianeYou are not used to the players behind you.  

--- Which Nike model are you wearing now?

DianeIt is a tie npo of Nike.

--- From J-League time?

DianeThe first time I was wearing a Majista, I changed to Tiempo someday.

--- Please tell us about the goodness of Tiempo.

DianeIt is a feeling of fit! It is easy to wear in the first standard form among Nike. By the way, the color is black.

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--- Are you a defender and a better weight?

DianeI think that recently. It is not good to be too light. When it's a bit heavy, it feels like it has a good effect when kicking.

-There are many players who say that the lighter the lighter, the better.

DianeThat's right! It depends on the dribler and type too.  

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